About Us

Advancing Education Since 2019

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Somaliland Youth Scholarship Organization was established by the Somaliland Youth Students (SYS) in 2019. As a company limited by guarantee and having no share capital for the sole object of advancing education. Also, to relief poverty and distress of the public in Somaliland. 

In 2019, the scholarship fund was started as a strategy for realizing the company’s core objective of advancing education and relief of poverty. We operate in two different industries, Short Courses and Scholarships.

Our Core Mission

Provision of customer focused education course and scholarships.

Our Core Values

Professionalism, Integrity, Fairness, Innovativeness, Teamwork, Responsiveness

Our Core Vision

An educated, empowered and inclusive society

Our Assuarance

Quality Poilicy

Somaliland Youth Scholarship Organization is committed to provide and sustain high quality Scholarship and Short Course services by operating a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 International Standard. This is anchored on the Following:

Good Corporate Governance

The success of an Organization is embedded on corporate Governance, Sound Leadership and Risk Management. These are very key in achieving Corporate Objectives in an Organization.

Customer Focus

In order to attract and retain customers in our business, there is always the demand to know what the customer requires. The satisfaction of our customers is key to the sustainability of the business. 

Continual Quality Improvement

With a changing world and dynamic customer requirements, improvement, innovation and adaptability to change must be at the heart of every organization. This ensures that the Organization remains ahead of competition. 


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